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From July 19th, To Right Now.

July 19, 2005.
Flight got delayed to Vegas, well the flight to Pitsburgh. because of Thunderstorms. My first time flying and I get a delay... Great. So the delay was almost like 2hours, until we were cleared for take off. Which meant we missed our flight out of Pitsburgh. So we had to stay the night in the Pitsburgh airport, which was semi o.k because our 5 hour flight to Vegas was bumped up to FIRST CLASS. I didnt get any sleep in the airport thought, that sucked wicked.

July 20, 2005 - July 24, 2005
Arrived in Las Vegas, Neveda! Mad hot 115 degrees! Just went swimming right off the back and met Jonas friend Mike Oliver... We barely did anything in Vegas because people were kinda, hmm stingy on the rides. And we had to take buses to and from the strip, so thats all we basically did was walk the strip. Watched the Volcano and The Mirage and saw the water fountain show at the Belliagio. And then one night Mike's hotel got broken into so he had to say with us one night... which turns out bad*...

July 25, 2005 - July 28, 2005
8am We took off for a 5hour drive to Imperial Beach, San Diego, California. Where we did absoulty nothing except hang out in the hotel room, and went on the beach. Went to the convient stores and Somberro's. Except on July 27th, Jona and I ventured our way out of the country to Tijuana Mexico. Mexico was cool. Drinkin age 18. Like every meal comes with a beer. Jona and I sat in the Hard Rock Cafe Bar drinking, he had coronas and I had strawberry daquiris, mmmmmmmmm. Mexico is all like hustlers, they'll bargin until you actually buy it and they follow you around and the little kids omg. I felt bad but I kept saying no until this one girl, she looked so sad so I bought a bracelet and then a school of fucking kids were grabbin my arm beggin me to buy something and give them a dollar, I had to like run away.

July 28, 2005: 6ish pm
Arrive back to Las Vegas with windy stormy weather, did nothing really, went to blockbuster rented Hide and Seek and uhmm Dawn of the Dead. So for the last few days we stayed at his Aunts, went swimming and went to Circus Circus where I found 10bucks in the Casino, that was my lucky day! Except when we called his Aunt for the ride home, she agreed to picking us up and that it was no problem. Then 10mins later T.R her husband called Jon back and said "take the fucking bus home" And that pissed us off because we had no idea what bus to take, and where to get off, so we walked mad far to the bus stop we'd take to get back to Arizona Charlies, and we ended up going to far up and we got lost! for like 30mins and then we had to walk back to Sams Town and take a cab back, which wasnt even far at all! Jons other Aunt Cindy, shes cool, brought us to like 4 smoke shops and a savers like store called Buffalo Exchange, coool store, found alot of shirts I liked but one in my size... Ha. And the day before we left we just ended up walking the strip yet again.

August 3, 2005
Return to Shitty Mass. Which leads me to here...

Remember Michael Oliver* That asswad stole my Debit card number, check numbers and all my info and bought a 1 way ticket Las Vegas to Prov. On Aug 4, when I am alreayd HOME. $312.40 now u know that must be Direct flight First class, because my ticked both ways $232.00 Fucking asshole, So I have like NO MONEY and I filed a Police Report opened a new account, closed that one, and now I gotta do credit checks and all that gay shit.

And tonight I am stuck home because I have work at 7:45am until 4:45 I have nothing to do, and I am in my room sweating my fucking BALLS off (if I had em) So I am off to shower and sleep. Later whoever is reading this.... [THE END]
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