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We write to apologize

Envelopes- stuffed with feelings found

19 March
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Name: Hannah
Age: 22
Strange Attraction:Alone. <3
Former School: Voc *2004* VI
Occupation: AAP Parts Girl.

We write to apologize
We ask to look past life as it goes by
I know you have sacrificed
Time, life, love- time to fly
Please consider all things trite
Forgiveness will be the thing that gets us by
I know to have something like this broken is hard to fix

Embers- we're burning bridges down
Envelopes- stuffed with feelings found
We write things down as means to reconcile

We write to patch things up
Maybe not to agree but to proclaim love
Let's look ahead and then
We'll see the One who's glory never ends
And based on that we'll see
There will be room for change but gradually
I know to have something like this broken is hard to fix

If all is said and done and over
If we don't have to
We're not going to
Make the change it's worth a try
What's broken can be fixed tonight

GO RED SOX!! <3 Cinco Ocho!
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