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Just gonna do a quick up to date, update of yesterday before I forget or before its too late...

So, yesterday I went to go see my Nanny, as I said I was going to do. Me, my Mom, God Mother and Uncle, went to go see her. My uncle was a wuss at first and didnt really want to go in the room. It was horrible. She didnt look the same. She has a patch of gray hair, she's swollen, out of it, having difficulties breathing, heart rate and blood pressure kept going up and down. And the nurse said she has a high count of white/red, dont remember which one, but its not good. Shes still not eating, so they're going to insert the feeding tube soon. And now she is on a respirator. Yesterday her resperation went to 17 - 14, I dont know what it should be but I guess its not good, cuz the way she was breathing and now that they have her on a respirator. She couldnt stay up long enough to really reconize anyone, she just got out of an dialisist for her kidneys b/c they're failing. But when she did come out of it once, my God Mother was standing right infront of her, and my Nanny reconized her and gave a smile, quick chuckle, slightly lifted her hand and then went back to sleep. I didnt know what to do or say to my Nanny, like I want to tell her I loved her but she wasnt responding to anyones voice. SO when we left, I grabbed her hand, she did nothing, but I rubbed my thumb on the top of her hand, and she slightly grabbed my hand. =o/ LoL and the doctor there, took my Nannys little duck and wrapped a bandage around its right leg, like my Nannys, cuz she no longer has a right leg =o/

I wish we had the money to get a lawyer and sue Blair House. (if you could anyways) THey are the reason she is there and like that, they didnt take care of her, and that is what they're supposed to do. Its a fucking nursing home, thats supposed to take car of sick elderly people who cant take care of their selves and their family cant provide the right care that they need. Fuckers.

AND on that note... We all were heading to Stop & Shop on Kings Highway and my mom took 140, and it was mad backed up... We went by, Tons of State Police. Tons of Narcs, etc. So we knew something bad happened, and there were flares and cones of all sorts. And when we got by all we saw as a Bike. Not a Motorcycle Bike, the other type of Bikes, the Street Bike things. Anyways so we knew it was an accident. So, On the way home my mom figured it'd be cleared up by now, so she took 140 home... And well It def wasnt, everything and everybody was still there.... So we got closer... and we all saw something I bet we'd never see... A Dead Body. Laying in between the guard rails. Me being the weirdo said "I wish I had a camera phone" and then I realise I had my digital camera with me... BUt it was too late and then I saw the persons shoe... and I'm like OMG there is the shoe!!, SO now... the bike on one side of the highway, the body in the middle... and the shoe on the other side... Now that must of been some hardcore fucked up accident. And there was no other cars involved so it seemed, just that Bike.
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