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The Motivation Proclamation

I got no motivation
Where is my motivation?
No time for the motivation.

I really have no motivation!
No motivation to clean my room.
No motivation to lose weight/stop eating alot.
No motivation to get up early.
No motivation to get up and find a job.

I want to do these things, But I have no motivation to do them. Nothing really motivates me. I'll be like yeah, I need a job before JonA's prom, I need a job so I can go out... But it's not enough. I'm just, I guess, the laziest person alive. Or maybe it's just because the jobs that are for me, I keep getting turned down for, and it sucks already. I'm just not "qualified" Fuck them.

Motivate me
I wanna get myself out of this bed
Motivate me
I wanna get myself out of this...
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hell yeah! fuck em!