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Snow Balls!!!!

Not yesterday, but the day before.

I was throwing snowballs at my dogs stupid face (sabbath) and he likes it. So I went inside to get gloves cuz it was getting wayyy too cold! And I continued throwing them at his face for about 5-10mins lol... Then I went inside and my brother, mother and andrew were bundled up and I'm like going somewhere? And they said they were walkin to CVS so im like Hmmmm I can go and have a nice snowball fight... I'm Going! So I grabbed a jacket and waited outside. As soon as those 3 stepped outside, they got whacked with a snowball lol... And then it started... Didn't stop until we got to CVS and even then I made a snowball for when I came out. And when I got into CVS it was really warm so I unzipped my jacket and a pile of snow just plopped out, Wicked funny...

Then we were leaving... Snowball fight started up again... And then my mom made me carry a jug of milk home... And I was mad because I only came for the snowball fight, So I made a nice round snowball and hit her right in the back of the head with it... Well we thought it was funny... she sorta did... and then threatened me... "HANNAH REMEMBER WHERE YOU LIVE AND REMEMBER I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP!!" lol, So yeah it continued, my mom would get hit every now and then cuz it just happened, either in the way or someone ducked lol.

And then Yesterday... I hung with Tanya and we went to sell 5 playstation games... and then we drove around and somehow I mentioned that I bet people are at JonA's even though he was at work... Sure enough we drive down the street and Shawn's jeep is there... so Tanya had to pee so we went to Wendy's and came up with the idea to throw snowballs at his jeep and I mentioned JonA's window to get Shawns attention and stuff... So we ended up just throwing them at the window and diving back into the truck haha... He looked out a few times and had no clue, even though there was snowball marks all over the window lol.

And then it was like 10 something and JonA got out at 11... And I'm like Shawn is gonna pick up JonA at work, when they get back we should get them with snowballs... so we did.. haha... Tanya hit him right when he was gettin outta the truck. And then he said he was gonna kill someone but I got him twice... and his pants were broken so I got his crotch pretty damn good hahahahaha Oh yeah and his Check and he got pissed bout that cuz he didnt know if I ripped it or got it all wet LOL Good Times!!!

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