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Never been so SCARED!

Today (ugh I mean yesterday, it's like I live in a different time zone) I hung out with Sarah, Ryan and Jeff. Jeff was an asshole. Lead us through the cemetary after I asked him not too... But I wasnt as freaked out as I usually was.... But now I think I'm just gonna be afraid of walking at night now...

So yeah, I had to walk home, So Sarah and Ryan walked me to RT6, so I had to cross it and just walk down my street... well the SCARIEST thing EVER happened to me... I was walking and I heard a squeeky car, driving slowly next to me, and I looked over and it was some guy and he rolled down his window. And I looked away and then it's like "Hey, Do you need a ride?" and I'm like NOPE! and he's like "No?" and I'm like NOPE! and he starts slowly driving away but still going really slow. And he had the creepiest look on his face, and big scary smirk. He reminded me of someone that I would see on America's Most Wanted... So yeah I was really scared so I secretly put my cellphone in my pocket with "911" dialed and my finger on the 'send' button lol. I wanted to run, scream and cry sooo bad. But I was afraid if he really wanted to kidnap me he'd hear me, and or see me stop and grab me! Ahh THANKS ALOT RYAN AND YOUR LAZY ASS!!!!

I'm out for nowwww
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hahaha.. I know right, Ryan and his lazy ass. Example- me, you and Jeff running away from him lol. I still feel bad about that lol. Don't worry.. no more "cutting corners" me and Ryan will walk you ALL the way home for now on lol.