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I just get home from work and my mom tells me about my neighbor that the little devil, [next charles manson] kid and how he's abusing the dog... and my mom was watching and then she was like omg i cant watch this nemore. So I go to the door and start watching, to see what exactly he's doing and I got so pissed off...

So here's the story...
My neighbor they have a puppy beagle... and the little 8year old or w/e is sittin there beating the shit out of it shaking it around hitting it and shit, and I went out there... and im like HEY WHAT DO YOU THING YOU'RE DOING, and he jumps and looks at me... and I continue.. DO YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT? DO YOU WANT TO BE SHOOKIN AROUND AND SLAPPED IN THE BACK? and he just stared at me and shook his head no and I said THEN DONT DO IT TO THE DOG and I went to walk away and then I was like AND NEXT TIME I CATCH YOU IM GOING OVER THERE AND TELLING YOU PARENTS, YOU GOT THAT?! He shook his head yes and I think he needs diapers all over again.

This kid, he takes the dogs ear and lifts it and goes right up to it and screams wicked loud in it, and he kicks balls at its face and hits it with toys and shit, like i really want to go over there and take that dog away, and like call the police and report animal cruilty and what not. The poor dog is left alone like all day locked up in the garage and then treated like shit, the puppy doesnt know any better, but I know he doesnt like bein handled by him because right when I yelled the puppy jumped up and ran to the fence all happy...

So after that... I'd like to report my NAP TIME is ruined! I'm too pissed to sleep.
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