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Here I Am...

Well, here I am in Vegas, got a few more days left. Went thru some of my friends journal to catch up, and I got to Jessica's and I didnt like what I saw. And I didn't really get it. I'm sorry her Dad has serious injuries and what not. But its what I read that had to do with Jon. "I was talking to Jona at work and he told me him and his girlfriend always fight and they are never happy together." and I don't know if this is about Jona or not but it just doesn't seem right with what she just said. Hopefully some part of him misses the fun we had, and all the good times, because Lord knows I do... Yeah she used to chill with us smoke blunts with Jona and Aphex, but I just don't get it. And I told Jona about what it said and he just laughed to the part where he said the fighting/unhappy part. Real funny right? I think not, and to top it all off he said that the day before we left for Vegas. Real fucking nice, yeah I love you too Jon. And now he just said when dont I say I'm not happy, I say it all the time... I'm so pissed right now well more like hurt that he could laugh at the fact he said he's never happy. Because he sure the hell does seem happy with me for most of this vacation, up until right now I suppose. Whatever. I guess I am done for now, I guess when I get back I'll tell alll about VEGAS!!


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